The Leader in Preventative oral screenings & cleanings
without the use of Anesthesia since 1992


Animal Dental Care!
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We understand how much you want the best for your pets and Animal Dental Care is providing solutions for their dental care everyday.

The Animal Dental Care team is committed to changing the way the pet community approaches dentistry and we have been making a difference tooth by tooth since 1992. Our solid reputation and professionalism when providing Preventative Oral Screening and Cleanings for your dogs & cats has led to countless relationships across the country. Our network of veterinarians have incorporated our anesthesia-free maintenance cleanings as part of their dental programs to provide pet owners the missing piece to their pet’s total oral health care.

We are your

Dedicated Team!

We are a team of highly skilled and caring oral care assistants that work alongside your veterinarians to provide anesthesia-free preventive oral health care screenings and cleanings for your dogs and cats.

We create your

Invidualized Plans!

Our oral care assistants provide each patient with an oral screening, charting and cleaning. Each procedure we provide should be part of an individualized oral treatment plan which is developed with your veterinarian.

We love 

Healthy Pets!

No pet should go through years of their life in pain! It’s no mystery that dental disease is of epidemic proportions amongst our pet population. Our pets require frequent oral health care in order to maintain healthy teeth and gums and our service is the missing preventive piece your pet deserves.