The Leader in Preventative oral screenings & cleanings
without the use of Anesthesia since 1992

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What is Animal Dental Care’s PDCA?

A PDCA is a Preventive Dental Cleaning & Assessment for your awake pet. PDCA’s are provided through our Partner Hospitals across the country and are utilized to help minimize bacteria build up in your pet through frequent teeth cleanings in-between regular anesthetic dentals & x-rays. Animal Dental Care’s awake maintenance teeth cleanings provide the missing piece to your pet’s Total Treatment Plan for the Oral Cavity.

What is a Total Treatment Plan
for the Oral Cavity?

Combining regular veterinary examinations, anesthetic dental cleanings & x-rays, maintenance PDCA’s and home care efforts, will help to keep your pet’s dental disease causing oral bacteria low. Every pet will respond differently to the dental disease causing bacteria and a combination of these efforts is the key to oral health.
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Why Animal Dental Care?

Animal Dental Care has been providing maintenance PDCA’s for nearly two decades. Our combined experience and veterinarian reviewed protocols have brought forth an evolved and effective service provided by our expert Certified PDCA Technicians. The caring veterinarians at each of our Partner Hospitals provide essential examinations prior to your pet’s teeth cleaning. This not only ensures that your pet is a proper candidate for the procedure but allows for a safe and comfortable experience.

The leader in preventative oral screenings & cleanings
without the use of anesthesia since 1992